The Halloween Tree Chapter 13! (Try not to be jealous of this kid’s locks!)

The Landau Kids!

If you follow Peter Landau on Twitter, you know that his children are ridiculously clever, funny, witty, and intelligent.

And now, here they are to entertain us while Peter reads The Halloween Tree Chapter 13! BOO!

(Ada’s sound effects are super fitting!)

Halloween Tree Ch. 12…Mr. Bradbury, plug your ears!

I never thought I would have to Red Band Addison and Avery! But I hear this reading gets pretty bonkers around 3:20!

The Zombified Writing Winner Is…

Special guest judge D.M. Cunningham and I unanimously agreed! The winner is…


Here is the winning entry:


I ate another one today – alone without the others. My body now unleashes hell upon the pure while I, a spectator in my own body, watch in repulsion. I wait for my savior, a lone girl child who roams our streets with her companion of sorts – a sawed-off appropriately named… “Sweet Release”.

We also wanted to give special mention to Michaele Stoughton

Whose entry was absolutely hilarious and clever!

Soft music and candle light set the mood as they gazed into each others eyes. “You’ve stolen my heart,” he whispered.
“Sorry, do you want it back?” she replied, lowering her eyes bashfully and holding it out for him to take.

Arequimis…if you could please email me your address, I will get your prize in the mail ASAP! Congratulations!


Yikes…Halloween Tree Chapter Ten…

Take a look at my poor blood splattered book: I think Mr. Bradbury would be proud.

Anyway, there’s just a lot of weird stuff happening in my reading. I hope you can make it through. There is some serious Lynchian stuff going on.

The Halloween Tree Chapter Eight

Peter Landau, ever so suave, tenderly adjusts his creepy black mask like the gentleman that he is…

And it’s that juxtaposition that makes me adore this guy! Even when he is doing something creepy, he does it with élan.

Alors qu’il peut apparaître comme un homme rampant dans un masque noir, Il est un vrai gentleman. Profitez du chapitre huit de L’Arbre D’Halloween.

(My french is rusty and also as I was writing that, I noticed a spider crawling up my shirt. So forgive any errors.)

The Halloween Tree Chapter Seven…with lots of cute kids!

I will suck your blooood!!! …No I can’t cause I lost a tooth.

In case you want to sleep without nightmares of The Halloween Tree Chapter Six, watch The Halloween Tree Chapter Seven. Aunt Kate Grace is back with her amazingly adorable nieces, this time with spelling, nieces reading (so cute), and…wait for it…

scrolling commentary (my fave)!

You won’t be able to watch with a straight face.

Okay, Holy Crap. Halloween Tree Chapter Six.

Guys. I almost couldn’t watch this whole thing. It scared me. Seriously. I’m going to have nightmares. Thanks, D.M.

(The whole “heeelp” thing is the creepiest!)

The Halloween Tree, Chapter Five

…and now it’s my turn.

I’m a gem in front of the camera. I never mess up and I definitely don’t giggle when fake blood sprays across the page making it nearly impossible to read the words.

No, I’m a real pro.

**The glasses I’m wearing, which enjoyed a brief resurgence in popularity due to Kanye West, are a shout out to my dear client Kate Grace.

Enjoy the awkward caress of my Halloween Tree reading…

The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four

I believe a very wise young woman once said about HC Noel that he is the “Prince of paranormal comics, the Master of pop culture references, and the Lord of the Tim Burton and Ed Wood Homage Manner.” Now that very wise young woman can add “Overlord of Pipe Smoking Vincent Price-ville” to the list.

Here he is, HC Noel. Reading The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four:

(And yea, that wise chick is me.)