Steamy Punks

Alright let us talk about Steampunk. I’m too lazy to describe it the way I did with Sirens down below so just go here. I’ll admit (painfully admit…this isnt an easy admission for someone who fancies herself in the know) that it wasnt until November 2009, when a dear friend of mine came out to visit me in Seattle, and we were stuck in a tour group with a bunch of steampunkers, that I even knew what Steampunk was. (Longest sentence ever.)

I was mystified. I tried to avoid. I thought it was weird. But I’m telling you right now, this girl is changing her tune and fast. I’ve been working on a few graphic novel projects with the potential to have steampunk tones, and I’m down right pleased with where this is going.

Of course, I’ve read Alan Moore’s brilliant The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1, (NOTE* please do not equate my feelings about the novel with my feelings about the movie adaptation…shudder) but at the time I didnt know what steampunk was and thus I just thought it was a really cool tone for a graphic novel. Now I’m starting to feel like steampunk and graphic novels should have crazy awesome NYTimes Bestselling babies all over the place. They really seem to fit together quite nicely.

So if you are a writer, and are looking for a topic for a graphic novel…think victorian 19th century…then come find me.

One thought on “Steamy Punks

  1. Alan Moore is a madman – which is a compliment to his work. His run on Swamp Thing was brilliant! I love Steampunk! There are so many wonderful stories to tell set in in that world. League was awesome! The movie stunk the place up. But I always say, never judged a book by its movie. Check out LoEG: Black Dossier too.

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