Fancy Nancy, make me fancy…

This is one of the 16 reasons that I represent children’s books.

The boa that this wonderful, intelligent-beyond-her-years, 4-year-old is wearing, is a Fancy Nancy feather boa.

I absolutely LOVE the Fancy Nancy Series. Fancy Nancy is published by HarperCollins, and is one of the most significantly brilliant children’s books of the last 5 years. If you are an aspiring children’s author, go buy every Fancy Nancy book available, and study, study, study.

There is so much a writer can learn from this series. First, it teaches children to be unique. Second, it teaches already unique children that being unique is the bee’s knees. Third, it teaches children french words, fancy words, sassy words…word, words, words… (Especially in the book entitled: Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Fancy Words: From Accessories to Zany)

Nancy is such a creative role model for our young children. She is not paranormal. She is not a brat. She is just good ol’ fun for children and parents (and aunts) alike. (And her best friend’s name is Bree…so BONUS!)

As an agent, I dream of the day I get a query resembling a Fancy Nancy book. So if you think you have it…you know where to find me.

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