e-reader apocalypse

Something about e-readers makes me think of that scene in Apocalypse Now… “I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving.”

I don’t want my soul cut up by e-readers. (No one said I wasn’t melodramatic).

You know what’s really cool?

Remember when that famous mantra was uttered Give Peace a Chance…well I say Give Books a Chance.”

Also, I wouldn’t mind some more weighing in. You know how to email me —>

Give me your thoughts.


Thoughts from author Kelsey Ketch:

“My heaven would be a room filled from floor to ceiling with bookshelves.  Each book bound in beautiful leather, the pages still crisp to the touch.  Classics to modern literature, Fiction to Nonfiction.  In the corner rests a leather, winged chair with a reading lamp over its shoulder.  As I open the cover, the words begin to dance within my mind.  The room melts away and I am transported into the world printed on the pages.

Seeing a book printed is a wondrous sight, especially to me as an author.  It’s like you had brought new life into the world.  I wouldn’t mind seeing one of my books on e-readers, but it would be the same as reading my manuscript on my computer.  The feel of the paper, the smell of the ink.  There is just something about a printed book that makes me feel one with the literary world.”

Well said, Kelsey.

6 thoughts on “e-reader apocalypse

  1. Tough call on this one. Books printed on dead-tree carcasses are clearly on their way out. But…

    I like going to the library – I like taking my kids there and I like going there for hours of uninterrupted work time. And I’m not sure what would happen to my local library if books are no longer printed.

    Unlike you, I have no romantic feelings toward bookstores. They already seem like a relic to me. Give me Amazon for my purchases! I hate driving to a bookstore just to find out that they don’t have what I need. Amazon has never failed me.

    Finally, while I dream of the day when every form of media I use is digitized rather than taking up shelf space around my home, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t write a note in the front cover of a book and give it as a gift.

  2. I’m a book person. I love the smell of books, seeing them on their overflowing shelves…sigh! I’m still not fully convinced about “all things electronic” yet. I love my iPod and MP3 player, just not digitized books!

    So I’m with you on this one!

  3. Books books books! I have stacks of them. I love them. I love technology for what it is and what it can do. But there is something about having the pages in your hand. You wouldn’t want to eat digital peanut butter would you?! I think not.

  4. I agree . . . as a reader. I actually collect antique books and LOVE the tactile experience of holding a book and breathing in the smell of the pages and the binding glue.
    As a writer. . . the jury is still out. But I can see the appeal. Cut out the middle man and the “auditions”. Make sure your story gets out there–with nobody to stop you.(In the way independent film has changed the face of the exclusivity in Hollywood–my husband is in the Biz and has strong opinions on that.)
    However, because I love books so much myself–I REALLY want to see mine in print and give that experience to others as they read MY story. Sigh.

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