Attn: Writers followup

(This is a followup post to Attn: Writers.)

One question that was asked by the hot blogger himself was “What kind of stories do you want and what are you not getting?”

Today, while chatting with a wonderful editor, I asked her what she “was craving that she just wasn’t getting.” Her answer? Great fiction for boys between the ages of 7-10. She said, and I quote: We are looking for the next twist for boys that is not necessarily fantasy related.

This got me thinking about my favorite series when I was younger…(can we say Goosebumps? Best series EVER), and it led to a discussion about “scary” books for boys ages 7-10 and the appropriateness of the genre and the age group. She said that if you are going to take the horror route, there needs to be a strong overtone of humor. “Comic horror” is the phrase I believe was used.

So there you have it. I’m slapping a big HELP WANTED sign on the door of my blog, and the fine print reads “Must be able to write new and exciting–possibly comic horror–fiction for boys, age 7-10.”

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