Just ask my dear friend Molly about my robot obsession. The poor girl has had to endure horridly long conversations, more like one-way diatribes, about my theories on robots and the possibility of a robot takeover. So cool, right?

Then today I saw this!! (Way to go Bloomsbury!)

My inner, outer, and even my somewhat logical nerd was squeeeeeeeeealing (Tyra Banks style). And I might have been saying “Woot!” in my head (World of Warcraft style). MIGHT have.

But this was short lived excitement… thwarted by this:

Snore. Vampires. You bore me.


***Be sure to check back tomorrow. I have some more AWESOME tips about what’s hot and what’s not in the eyes of our dearly beloved New York Editors. (I totally just sounded like a “newscaster” on E! and for that, I sincerely apologize.)

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