Okay I swear: tomorrow, trade secrets… But to hold you over.

My geeky self was on high alert today as I sat down with one of my absolute favorite editors at Vertigo (VERTIGO!!!!) and talked graphic novels. It was not only extremely enlightening and wicked amazing, but it was pretty much like meeting my own superhero. Plus…come on…I was in the DC Comics building. I geeked out big time.

And while we are on the subject:

ATTN. WRITERS AND GRAPHIC NOVELISTS: If I haven’t made it clear enough, as a human being and as an agent, I am a graphic novel enthusiast to the extreme. I am especially into: dark, memoir, nonfiction and/or historical fiction graphic novels. So please send your queries my way.

4 thoughts on “KaPOW!

    • Okay so funny, and kind of embarrassing story. (I’m such a nerd). Superman– and my meeting–was on the 7th floor. But the receptionist happened to mention to me that the 3rd floor was Batman, and that I should try and get someone to take me down there. Umm… No one took me down there so on my way out the building, I “accidentally” pressed “3” in the elevator instead of “1” and KaPOW! Gotham City–as you can see in the last picture. I snapped a few shots on my iPhone as my heart raced, and then jumped back on the elevator before anyone saw me.

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