Deliciously Devilish ARC Giveaway

D.M. Cunningham, by far my most diabolical client, is hosting a mischievous ARC giveaway on his blog: the appropriately titled Literary Asylum.

Not only is this giveaway an ARC, but it is autographed by the ingenious author himself, Barry Lyga. That’s a totally dirty deal. As if The Godfather himself was involved.

Go be naughty and win yourself a great prize.

And for the record…my favorite ARCHVILLAIN…

Jean Loring aka Eclipso, ex-wife of Ray Palmer aka the Atom.

She is so lip-smackingly deranged.

One thought on “Deliciously Devilish ARC Giveaway

  1. I could of course be a SuperVillain and just give the book to myself and then laugh with great disdain from atop a dirty gargoyle in Gotham. Muahahaha! Great choice in Eclipso – I like your style.

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