Operation Hot Blogger: HC Noel and Tara Normal

[tweetmeme source=”breeogden” only_single=false]A month ago my life changed when I met HC Noel. He is the Prince of paranormal comics. The Master of pop culture references. The Lord of the Tim Burton and Ed Wood Homage Manner. He works with SyFy’s Ghost Hunters creating seriously B-style awesome paranormal mystery comics for TAPS Paramagazine. And he is, of course, the creator of Tara Normal–the buxom, paranormal investigator that sometimes reminds me of Lydia from Beetle Juice, sometimes reminds me of Blade, and sometimes reminds me of those chicks from Mean Girls. She’s amazing. And so is HC.

HC is currently working on a Tara Normal Graphic Novel series for me and he is going to hot blog some of his awesome insider thoughts as to why Tara wears what she wears and why this is important. So… graphic novelists, cartoonists, artists, illustrators, fashionistas and paranormal lovers everywhere…pay attention! And please welcome to This Literary Life: HC NOEL!

“As I’m starting work on the art side of my graphic novel: Tara Normal and the Case of the Boyfriend Robbers From Outer Space, I really wanted to put more detail and thought into the clothing and design of each character than on any other project I’ve done before. I really want the characters to have a whole wardrobe that says something about them as people. Here’s a peek of my first design for Tara’s outfit that she will be seen wearing in the opening pages of the book.

Her hair and look is more playful than in the webcomic because she’s younger in this story. She’s dressed up to impress her romantic interest in the book so that’s why the skirt she wears here has the certain look it does.

I love that making this book allows me the chance to create a whole world. One of the rings that Tara wears, the large purple gem one, is one of her late mother’s. It’s something Tara wears to remember her Mom. This kind of detail isn’t spelled out in the story, but I think it’s important for me because it helps me make sure the details matter and that they all serve a purpose.”

-HC Noel

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    • That is definitely what it is named after. I could name everything in my life after some Arrested Development reference.

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