Get your questions answered.

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Ask me any question you have, and I will gladly answer it for you.

5 thoughts on “Get your questions answered.

  1. What’s the day of a literary agent (though being surrounded with graphic novels and YA lit would be a bit more fun than the typical!) look like, and what’s your personal favorite part of it (from mundane to WOW!) that makes you, on occasion, revel in your career choice?

  2. I had asked the question regarding publicity/marketing yesterday and just wanted to thank you–I was inspired to jump into the world of Twitter today. Still not sure about the hashtag thing but I’m working on it! :)

  3. Hi! I’m writing a Children’s book right now that I’d love to query you with when I’m done but my question is actually about a memoir. I know you don’t represent memoirs but I thought since you said “any question” I’d ask. So, because a memoir is non-fiction should I write the whole manuscript and then query agents or should I write a book proposal? I guess I’m asking because I’ve finally found my voice but am having some trouble with the execution and could really use some help in the form of deadlines. My memoir is called “The Bush Pilot’s Daughter” and is about growing up in Alaska completely sheltered from the real world by ultra-conservative, born-again Christian parents, my father’s arrest and imprisonment on sex crime charges, and then our family’s survival in the aftermath leading us to the ghettos of Los Angeles. Thank you!

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