Buy this book…that’s an order, Cap’n!

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Pick Any Path. 3,856 Story Possibilities

I fell in love with this book–love at first sight–while taking a meeting at Abrams in NY a few months ago. This book is the pinnacle of creativity and fun. Perfect for all ages–yes, keep in mind that I still watch cartoons, read comics, and middle grade fiction is my favorite–but regardless, it’s fantastic. You will love it even if you only read Dean Koontz and watch On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. I’ll bet you $5.

Click here to learn more about this awesome feat of ingenuity.

3 thoughts on “Buy this book…that’s an order, Cap’n!

  1. Just ordered it from the library for Cole. Should be perfect for him since once he finds a book he likes, he tends to read it over and over again.

  2. Hi Bree – A recent post of mind (Let’s get Creative!) reminded me of your post here. To be honest, I still watch cartoons too. I just dug up my favorite series, Darkwing Duck. It’s like re-living my childhood.

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