another plea…

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Last week I shamelessly pled for a zombie manuscript. Well this week I shall make an emotional appeal for something of quite a different nature.

My rad client finally got hooked on Mad Men (seriously one of the most brilliant and creatively written/stylized shows ever). And she said something that I absolutely loved: “I am entertained and pissed off in equal measures by all the anti-woman dialogue in Mad Men.”

That’s the brilliance of Mad Men. It is so true to the time. Your jaw can’t decide if it wants to drop in horror, flap up and down in laughter, or curl up in pure amazement. I would L.O.V.E a manuscript in the YA category that explores that time period. I know it has been done before. It’s not like I am asking for anything hugely unique. But I want it like Mad Men. I want it dry. I want it cold and hard. I want it real and unabashed.

I want it to entertained and piss off in equal measures.

You know what to do.

3 thoughts on “another plea…

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  2. I love Mad Men. Not sure how it would work as a middle grade book, though. On the other hand, I am adapting a trick I learned from Breaking Bad in my current MG project, so anything’s possible:)

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