Short Story Contest hosted by Literary Asylum

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There are very few things I find important for others to know about me.

One, I’m obsessed with Wonder Woman.

Two, I love to read.

Three, I’m a SupaNerd (I mean really, I snuck onto the 3rd floor of the DC Comics building because I heard that was the Batman-themed floor).

And four, anything with a spooky edge has me drooling. I watch horror movies year round (often in marathons), I’ve had a fake plastic skeleton named Lieutenant Commander Svenghoulie hanging in my house for the past two years, and my idea of an awesome night off usually involves a nice relaxing George Romero film.

So it should be no surprise at all (especially after the mass hubbub I created over Friday the 13th) that Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday ever. Better than Christmas and definitely better than that day the Tooth Fairy puts money under your pillow (yes, I consider that a holiday).

*Note: However, Easter will always have the best candy.

Blah blah blah, this is going somewhere I swear! My client, D.M. Cunningham, is hosting a Short Story contest on his blog Literary Asylum in honor of Halloween. I highly suggest you use this opportunity to practice your writing skills in an area you may not be completely familiar with, ie. spooky stories, middle grade fiction, etc. This is such an amazing opportunity and it will be tons of fun. (Yep…I’m entering too.)

Also, this is a great opportunity to get your story published on a highly viewed and respected blog—and let’s just say this agent (moi) is always looking for new clients with a talent for the spook.

Go get em, Tigers!

5 thoughts on “Short Story Contest hosted by Literary Asylum

  1. I can honestly say I love the Fall! Halloween, my birthday, and Thanksgiving all wrapped together! Halloween and my birthday being my favs! This contest allows me to celebrate early.

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