Operation Hot VLOGGER! Ending August with a BANG

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This month’s Operation Hot Blogger Vlogger is so lip-smacking good you won’t believe your skull. This is the way we like to end our summer…with some good old graphic novel action, loud music, kick butt chicks, HC Noel, and OH YEAH…a CONTEST!

Watch the vlog.

Contest time!!

Given my previous blog post about paranormal vs. supernatural, it’s pretty safe to say that Tara and HC love everything parasupernormalnatural. What is YOUR favorite paranormal, supernatural, parasupernormalnatural book, movie, show, or element and why?

HC will be judging to see which one of you creepsters has the best answer (embrace subjectivity!) And as he mentioned in the Vlog, you will win an original HC Noel caricature of Tara Normal, the exact one from this month’s edition of Operation Hot Vlogger.

You will have until Sept. 8th to get your delicious answers submitted in the comments section. Have fun!

18 thoughts on “Operation Hot VLOGGER! Ending August with a BANG

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  2. Hardest question EVER! Sheesh. If I had to pick just ONE favorite, then it would have to be an element. And it would have to be the element best described as macabre childhood nostalgia… seeing your deepest seeded fears from childhood (this includes seeing/reading this while you’re still a kiddo) come to life within the pages of a book or movie screen. This never gets old for me and I’m constantly seeking it out. I want to put down a book or walk away from a movie turning on every light in every room I cross. I love getting lost in the kind of stories that make me want pull a blanket over my head as a false sense of protection from what lurks in the corners of my imagination. Possessed dolls, killer clowns, portals to dark realms in the closet, scratching of nails on the window, dreams you can’t wake from, toys that move by themselves, paintings that animate, realizing your little friend that likes to hide in the hall cabinet is a ghost… that sort of thing.

  3. I adore True Blood…which is quite a leap for this picture book writing, prim and proper forty something lady to say in public….I love the mix of trashiness, sex, vampires, shapeshifters, werewolves and now fairies (I think)…It keeps you coming back episode after episode…

    I loved the vblog. Tara is gorgeous!

  4. It’s really difficult to zero in on one thing, as I was a curious kid who absorbed all the available fiction, fantasies and elements of SciFi, supernatural and gothic horror. When I was a young kid, I guess it would have to have been the television show, “Dark Shadows,” who’s silver wolf-headed cane carrying, vampire-with-a-heart main character, Barnabas Collins, became a cult figure in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He represented the archtypical paradox: the soul tainted with evil, yet struggling with his innate goodness to overcome the darkness within. That show creeped the hell outta me, but I couldn’t stop watching it, nor imagining it’s vampire or werewolf leaning over my bed at night, or lurking just outside the incandescent ring of light beneath the lamp post on the corner.

  5. my Favorite Paranormal shows would be Ghost Hunters! and Destination Truth GH was what made me start to like the Paranormal and stuff like that! and i also like Tara Normal! and no im not sucking up! HA i do like it alot

  6. It took me awhile to embrace my penchant for the macabre and unusual. I’m well into my fifties according to the calendar but not according to me. I’ve watched every episode from beginning to end of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and have graduated to True Blood. I make sure my DVR records Ghost Hunters and while I’m new to Tara Normal I just had to subscribe to Paranormal magazine so I could follow along. Keep up the extraordinary work you do. Great stuff.

  7. My favorite supernatural character would have to be Mr. Scootles. I love his humor. My favorite part was when the little girl’s head splits in half and Mr. Scootles says “Whoopsie”. Anytime you could write another Mr. Scootles book I would love to read it.

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  9. Well, I have a place in my heart for two brothers that are yet to be unleashed upon the world. But I’m pretty sure their COUSIN Tara is the best ParaAwesomesauceNormal soon to be unleashed upon the world. Fine, I’m biased. But you gotta love baby Cthulu, seriously, that is the beeezKneeeeze!

  10. Alright. I gotta enter. I know all of you think I am going to say zombies. WRONG. My favorite parasupernormalnatural element is demonic possession. Real demonic possession is just down right terrifying. And I love fictionalized demonic possession (the CW’s ‘Supernatural’… SHOUT OUT!). It’s so fascinating to think of the situation a person must get themselves into to be in a position to be susceptible to demonic possession. Okay and now I have to stop talking about it because it’s late and I am alone in a pitch black room.

    PS. Long Live Zombies! (Have to stay true to my peeps.)

  11. So hard! Haven, Ghostwhisperer, A Huanting, Buffy, Sabrina the Teen Age Witch, hum… Actually, I think I’ll go old school with Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is great fun! Witches, magic, a zombie, and Binx – Love Binx!

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  13. I love the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz. It’s smart, witty, and not as wordy as Koontz other offerings. The entire series felt like it had heart which is sometimes left out in this genre.

  14. Did I hear someone give a shout out to Da Boyz of Supernatural? Woot, woot! Definately some awesome superparanormalnatural stuff going on there. On the adult fiction side, I think Kelley Armstrong has a fabulous world created for the genre. For YA, Tom Sniegoski’s The Fallen was wicked good. There’s something about angels and demons that never gets old. Who needs a sparkly guy with big teeth when you’ve got a hunk who glows with wings? I mean, c’mon!

  15. Although Mr. Scootles has recently become a tremendous favorite along with Tara Normal, my favorite horror is Dracula. The original Stoker novel. A very close second is The Phantom of the Opera although I love that more for the romantic musical than the horror novel.

  16. Element: The scientific approach to paranormal investigating aka “ghost hunting.”

    As a scientific-minded, albeit morbid, person, I’ve extremely fascinated with how the field of paranormal research has evolved into a much more respected field of science. It has garnered the attention of physicists, philosophers and poignantly intelligent people all over the world.

    I consider myself an intelligent, well-rounded and educated person. I’m 21, with degrees in multimedia journalism and psychology, and instead of being mocked for my interest in paranormal investigation, I have been engaged in many intellectual discussions on the subject.

    I have numerous reading materials in my personal library pertaining to scientific approaches to ghost hunting, including my growing collection of back issues of TAPS Paramagazine, as well as my current favorite book, “Haunted: A Guide to Paranormal Ireland” by Paul Fennel, that I picked up while traveling the West coast of Ireland this summer. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit several of the places mentioned in the book.

    I’ve also been out on guided tours with paranormal researchers in St. Augustine, the oldest, and reputed to be the most haunted, city in the United States.

    Though some have felt some chagrin at the proliferation of books, magazines, movies and TV shows dedicated to hauntings, I feel like popularization of them has helped to open the minds of the public to the possibility of spirits and the scientific investigation of them.

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