Great Halloween blogs and events!

Be sure to check out these awesome sites and keep up with them all month long!

One of my favorites! is always there for our spooky literary needs. I love their tagline: “Literature for mini monster-lovers and future horror fiends!” Check out their Halloween photo contest running all month long – you can see the post here:

Also, over at, they will have horror- and Halloween-related posts all month, as well as guest blogs from some of the best-known bloggers in the Halloween community. It’s an awesomely creepy site. Hop on over and check it out.

And YOU KNOW my client D.M. over at Literary Asylum will be doing creepy stuff all month because it’s just in his nature. Starting with his post today interviewing Kevin Bolger, author of Zombiekins. So be sure to keep an eye on Literary Asylum.

Also, HC Noel is always blogging about crazy paranormal stuff so in addition to checking out his weekly Tara Normal web comic, make sure to read his crazy posts as well!

*If any of you are doing anything exciting for the month of October on your blog, please leave a comment telling us about it!!

Don’t forget to enter our zombie writing contest right here on!

6 thoughts on “Great Halloween blogs and events!

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