Hopefully YOUR Halloween turns out better than Selena’s

Dakota Cameron, my 10-year-old niece, has written a terrifying story that is sure to keep you up for nights! Dakota is an avid reader, reading books way above her age level, she always makes student of the month (!), and is a soccer star extraordinaire. She’s the sweetest little girl around—don’t let her story fool you.

Please tap your keys loudly for Koty and her scary short story!


Selena’s Last Halloween

by Dakota Cameron

I stared across the lengthy body of water reflecting dusk’s orange and pink sullen glow.

It was Halloween night and I was deep in thought as the water lapped against the broken brick walls of the lighthouse. I stood for a bit, then stalked back toward the cabin where my family and I were staying that night.

I grabbed the bowl of candy that lay in the small living room on the little brown coffee table and slumped onto the couch, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

It took me a few moments to realize that I was tired and I let my eyes rest until the doorbell rang. I grabbed the bowl of candy and opened the door to a small girl in a little pink ballerina costume. I greeted her, threw her a long snickers bar and waited until she turned back to her parents, than I slowly closed the door and sat back on the couch, but again, the doorbell rang. I got up and took a few small Skittles bags and opened the door, but instead of finding a little kid in a costume I was pulled into the darkness—a darkness that drowned out the screams of my family—and I was thrown into the backseat of a car.

I awoke feeling tired and miserable. I laid in a small concrete room with only a wooden brown door and a chair massed with cobwebs and spiders.

I leaned against the door; I’m only twelve years old, I am only twelve years old, my name is Selena and here I am, here I am in the middle of nowhere. The hairs on my neck stood up, awoken by the darkness and coldness creeping in from all sides of the small room.

Then, taken by surprise I fell backwards as a large man pulled the door open, and guided me toward a larger room down the corridor where he opened the double doors to a man sitting on a red leather chair smoking a cigar signaling me to come forward. I stood there shocked. What was it that I did? What did they want me for?

Without hesitating, the large man pushed me forward. I walked down across the ginger carpet and stopped in front of his chair. He stood, towering over me as he let out a cloud of his acid breath and gave me a harsh, rather crooked smile.

I looked away from his gaze, avoiding the sharp look in his eyes. I caught a glimpse of the moon in the silver sky through the sleek old window in the corner of the room before I turned back to the man. He smiled that crooked smile and briefly signaled to the man behind me.

Then my world went black.

10 thoughts on “Hopefully YOUR Halloween turns out better than Selena’s

  1. Bree, talent doesn’t run in your family–it gallops!

    Dakota, I love this story. I’m also very glad I read it this morning rather than before going to bed. :) I especially like how I expected something creepy to happen when the ballerina came to the door–or that she might come to the door a second time when the doorbell rang again–but you surprised me with something completely different.

    Keep on reading and writing, and I look forward to seeing your name on a bookshelf someday.


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