The Halloween Tree, Chapter Two!

Aunt Kate Grace is possibly a cuter aunt than me–and I thought that was impossible. And those nieces of hers…Well see for yourself in her video reading of The Halloween Tree, chapter two! It’s a different kind of spooky! A smile-the-whole-time-you-watch-it type of spooky.

8 thoughts on “The Halloween Tree, Chapter Two!

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  2. See what I mean about the imaginations and creativity of this age? None of us realized that Pipkin sounded like Pumpkin. Such a great reading. I love those girls!!!

  3. You guys are so sweet. Yes, these two ladies are my joys! I did however make the mistake of mentioning a potential blooper reel prior to starting, so the future SNL stars played to the bloop reel rather than listen to the story.

    Oh well. Live and learn.

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