The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four

I believe a very wise young woman once said about HC Noel that he is the “Prince of paranormal comics, the Master of pop culture references, and the Lord of the Tim Burton and Ed Wood Homage Manner.” Now that very wise young woman can add “Overlord of Pipe Smoking Vincent Price-ville” to the list.

Here he is, HC Noel. Reading The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four:

(And yea, that wise chick is me.)


7 thoughts on “The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four

  1. Dude, HC… I think Twilight Zone needs to come back to TV (in black and white, of course) and you simply must be plucked form your normal life to ooze creepy chic!

    Love the pipe!

  2. Not sure if there is a way to top a kick off with Mr. Kenny “Roasters” Rogers and then bookending it with a sip of blood?! Seriously. HC, this is pure madness on its best night. I feel like I just watched Anton LaVey read me a children’s story while sitting on the set of Saturday Night Monster Movie. Deeeelish and dark and wonderful.

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