The Halloween Tree, Chapter Five

…and now it’s my turn.

I’m a gem in front of the camera. I never mess up and I definitely don’t giggle when fake blood sprays across the page making it nearly impossible to read the words.

No, I’m a real pro.

**The glasses I’m wearing, which enjoyed a brief resurgence in popularity due to Kanye West, are a shout out to my dear client Kate Grace.

Enjoy the awkward caress of my Halloween Tree reading…

8 thoughts on “The Halloween Tree, Chapter Five

  1. Yea that fake blood is awful! I used it last year. I will never touch it again–especially after watching this video! ;) cool camera effect.

  2. This Kayne guy has nothing on the Breyne! As I watch this chapter I keep waiting for some serious 80’s music to jam. Molly Ringwald wishes she could be this hip while reading a book. The blood of course throws it all into a tailspin with sublime wonderment.

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