Halloween Tree Ch. 12…Mr. Bradbury, plug your ears!

I never thought I would have to Red Band Addison and Avery! But I hear this reading gets pretty bonkers around 3:20!

8 thoughts on “Halloween Tree Ch. 12…Mr. Bradbury, plug your ears!

  1. I love that you skipped over “asses” because of the “F” word incident. My Husband is the same way during Football. That’s mommy and daughter time…outside of the house! :) Very cute girls.

  2. Thank your lucky stars she didn’t say the actual word! My son dropped that word about a month ago…but it was the whole thing! My reaction was a little harsher than yours. These kids! Haha.

  3. @Sandy I love that she abbreviated it to escape the harsher reaction. If you listen to it again you’ll see her start a few other choice words to call me and then think better of it before she rests on the decision of “F”. The syllables “sh” and “di” among her false attempts.

    Then today the older one, Avery, gave me a black eye. It was by accident with a line drive to the pitcher’s mound and consequently my left eyeball, but all the same… these two keep me on my toes.

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