The Halloween Tree Chapter 13! (Try not to be jealous of this kid’s locks!)

The Landau Kids!

If you follow Peter Landau on Twitter, you know that his children are ridiculously clever, funny, witty, and intelligent.

And now, here they are to entertain us while Peter reads The Halloween Tree Chapter 13! BOO!

(Ada’s sound effects are super fitting!)

7 thoughts on “The Halloween Tree Chapter 13! (Try not to be jealous of this kid’s locks!)

  1. 1. I want Simon’s hair.
    2. LOVE Ada’s sound effects, they totally work with the reading!
    3. You have some dynamic children
    4. I love how dynamic your voice was, Peter!!

  2. Aint it just like brothers to try and push their little sister out of the frame! Way to hold your own, Ada! Ps. I want Avery to marry Simon. She’s 8… this is about the time we have start arranging marriages, right?

  3. You’re all too kind. This was a desperate attempt to fulfill my October reading obligation and exploit my children at the same time. Notice my coughing? I was sick, physically that is, at the time. Ada is traumatized. Simon is available, but wants to know how much is Avery’s dowry. And Ira, as always is the case with the middle-child, is left out. Looking forward to Chapter 14!

    • Whatever..Ira is a babe. You’re gonna have to beat the girls away, especially since he has that quiet confidence that us girls always mistake for boys playing hard to get!

  4. I’m planning on claiming Ira for Addison, but I’ve got a couple years before I can start arranging her future. And their dowries are the awesome, Trivial Pursuit and Euchre playing family that comes as a package deal!

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