Meet Ray Bradbury

(We are having a bit of technical difficulty with Chapter 16, so I found this wonderful, inspiring video interview with THE Mr. Ray Bradbury. It is fantastic. Incredibly beautiful. He is a true dreamer. Watch it while you wait for Chapter 16.)

This is a man after my own heart. How he fell in love with books: Comics, Grimms Fairy Tales, Dinosaurs. Three of my favorite things. No wonder he is such an inspiration to me. He decided he could live forever if he became a writer. What a wonderful man.

“The things that you do should be things that you love, and the things that you love should be things that you do.”

He is such an inspiration to readers, authors, agents, editors, publishers, artists, lovers, dreamers.

I highly suggest watching this video.

At 17:30 he begins to talk about The Halloween Tree and his inspiration in writing it.

“You find the author who can lead you through the dark…you go into the library and discover yourself.”

4 thoughts on “Meet Ray Bradbury

  1. This is the greatest interview!! Ray Bradbury has captured the love and life of books! “You see, libraries are people. It’s not books that are waiting in there. Those are people who wrote the books.”

  2. This video made me cry. It was sublime. Mr. Bradbury is such an inspiration and beyond amazing writer. If you are a writer, may you live forever. If you are a dreamer, may you dream forever. Never forget why you write, why you started to write, and why you will die writing. I hope that I will so blessed as Mr. Bradbury to live forever and share my worlds with others.

    “Stand on top of a cliff, jump off, and build your wings on the way down.” My new mantra. Thank you, Bree for posting this. I will never forget this interview.

  3. Bless his heart. He’s amazing.

    Among the long-ago friends of one of Mr. B’s daughters, I had chances to meet him occasionally during the mid-1970s and early 1980s. What a treasure he is.

    He talked about Hollywood and his childhood there–he talked about roller skates and Charlie Chaplin. He talked about Katherine Hepburn and George Cukor. He took us down into his basement where I saw his collection of thousands of film artifacts–many of which he obtained from studio “garage sales.” We were thrilled beyond description. Still are.

    We were there one Halloween night, stepping gently around the collection of hand-carved (mostly by him) Jack-O-Lanterns resting frighteningly on each of his front steps.

    He must be the world’s most wonderful dad. He’s certainly inspirational to me, unforgettable, in fact.

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