Winner, n. |ˈwinər|

This was incredibly hard to choose. All the entries were so creative and I am really proud to have them on MY blog! But I must choose only one, and I believe that one shall be:

echo, v: the ability after you’ve gone to leave a part of yourself, however minor with the one you love.

Congratulations! Email me your address, and I will send the book off to you ASAP!

Now: there were a few honorable mentions…

Peter Landau and his almost distorted way with words. Sometimes his sentences remind me of a Picasso painting (and that’s a GREAT thing, Peter):

Slurreal, adj.: When my bourbon lips kissed your peppermint schnapps lipstick we mixed a mint julep cocktail that melted our wristwatches.

And my brother, I love his because it is based in reality:

euphoria, n.: you sat next to me on our couch, you were trying to be just a bit coy by holding a plate in your hand that contained pickles and ranch dressing, but your eyes alone gave away the joyful message – pregnant!

And I love this one, cause it’s just totally funny:

Volatile, adj.: Me.


But honestly, they were all amazing! Thank you for participating. It was super fun!

2 thoughts on “Winner, n. |ˈwinər|

  1. So the other day my niece and I were chatting about this. I’m going to pass this post along, facebooking it now. Thank you for the great post and the happy coincidence.

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