8 thoughts on “Operation Virtual Agent #2

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  2. Historical fiction is such a great genre. A book set in the 80s would be awesome (no, I mean Rad or even Tubular). I think if the story is amazing, entertaining and brings in cool elements of history what more could you want in that type of book. Best of luck with your submissions on the book, Cathy. Great question.

  3. Should I feel old? I’ll be 40 in a few mos, and my growing up years are now considered “historical fiction!” Seriously, though, my kids are obsessed with 80s music, music, sit-coms, and especially clothes. But not hair. I don’t ever see the hair making a rerun. :) So bring on the books! Great series, Bree!

  4. Laughing at Michelle’s comment above. The 1980’s historical? It must have been how my mother felt about the 60’s. This is fantastic Bree. It is a great way to see who you are as a person and agent. Thanks!

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