8 thoughts on “Operation Virtual Agent #4

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  2. Awesome – thanks for the response, Bree! I’m so happy to hear your answer (almost as excited as you, if you know what I mean). To be clear, I did mean something targeting the older range of PB readers and more Goreyesque than gory. No splattering brain matter. I discovered Crow Toes Quarterly and wrote something for them about a magic show gone horribly wrong. I’m hoping that there’s a hidden PB market that mirrors those tastes. Given the popularity of Gaiman’s and Burton’s work, I’d think there would be something for the younger set. And yet, I’m not seeing macabre PBs out there. I do have a sense that Grimm-type darker fairytales are coming back. (At least, I hope so.) I’d love to hear what you have to say about that.

    At a SCBWI conference years ago, an editor at a big house said that she likes odd stories for PBs because kids are morbid. I was thinking, yes! Weird is wonderful. We all know that, right?

    • Okay then to give you a completely specific answer, YES, DO IT! If there is not a solid, large market for them right now, it has to build somewhere right? I LOVE Crow Toes. I have a few clients who have done work for that publication. So, obvious creepy attracts creepy.

      I love Grimms fairy tales. I read them to my little nieces and nephews whenever I get the chance. I guess, honestly, I feel like horror begets imagination. I remember reading horror as a young girl and staying up all night thinking about it. Nothing else made me think as much.

      People ask me why I love zombies so much, because they have a very strong philosophical meaning behind them (that’s a post for another time.) ANYWAY, I say start children on the macabre as young as you can. And if/when you have a completed MS, please query me!

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