Reincarnated or Reanimated? Eh, whatever…It’s BAAAACK!

A while back, the lovely and gruesome Crow Toes Quarterly shut their pages to the utter disappointment of children’s horror literature fanatics across the universe. But today, something is brewing.

Like the picture above, the hand of Crow Toes Quarterly shoots out from the grave as the new venture: Underneath The Juniper Tree, a Children’s Literature online magazine full of all the monsters in your closet and creatures under the stairs. It has yet to be revealed all of the vile, delectable, grotesque, and creative things that will take place Underneath the Juniper Tree, but you absolutely DO NOT want to miss it.

To stay informed continually check the website:

“Like” the facebook page:

And follow its delightfully creepy cohorts, Marjorie Merle and Tex on twitter: @JuniperTreeLit and @UnderTheJuniper

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