another reason why I love being a literary agent…

This morning I woke up unusually early, to my dismay. I checked my email after fixing myself a cup of lavender tea (with agave nectar … seriously SO good.) And I was treated to a very touching and delightful poem by my client Ron Rutler. He was inspired by the Underneath the Juniper Tree What is in Your Pocketses challenge. Although I’m guessing he didn’t submit it to the magazine because Ron is not the grotesque or macabre kind :)

Anyway, I thought it was such a lovely poem I wanted to post it on my blog. As a literary agent I am treated to many little surprises here and there, but these types of surprises are truly special.

Ron always carries his Grand Dad’s pocket watch in his pocket for good luck when he goes to work. It has his mother’s birth year inscribed on it. This was the inspiration for his What is in Your Pocketses poem:

Grandpas’ Pocket Watch by Ron Rutler
You won’t find Grandpa’s pocket watch in a pocket of my jeans
Yet it’s always in the pocket of my dress clothes by routine
These days it doesn’t work in the ways of a clock
For its stem won’t wind, and its tick won’t tock
On 12:13, its hands are stuck
Doesn’t matter to me, it’s pocketed for luck
Engraved in gold, a special date to see
Birth year of a daughter, and a mother named Marie

6 thoughts on “another reason why I love being a literary agent…

  1. I have fallen in love with this poem! It truly touched my heart! A timepiece, though it may no long tell time, can hold a moment in time, a memory, a special feeling, and love. Beautifully written, Ron!

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