Contest worthy of a Princess!

The girls at Princess Prep: The Royal Academy are beyond sugar and spice: they’re sassy, snarky, witty, and sometimes nice – but always, always stylish! Now YOU are cordially invited to style along with them, just like a real princess, in our Princess Prep Virtual Style Contest!



The co-authors and illustrator of Princess Prep, Jessica Elizabeth Cole & J. David McKenney, have designed three “virtual” paper dolls: Bennie (our story’s heroine), Simone (the bad girl leader of the “Parasol Mafia”), and Prissy (all-around-sweetheart member of the “Cupcake Club”).

With these three virtual paper dolls, YOU have the opportunity to create the most stylish Princess you can. Remember, at Princess Prep, style is everything!

Visit the fabulous world of Princess Prep: The Royal Academy and click on the “Contest” tab for information and guidelines! 

Contest ends October 10th!

Visit and “like” us on facebook for up-to-date information, and follow the girls on Twitter @itsprincessprep!

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