I’m home alone on a Friday night watching Youtube videos of my favorite bands and drinking peculiar Asian energy drinks.

I think that admission deserves a round of applause.



This poor blog. So neglected. BUT… I have a PSA for you. Ready? Okay.

When I say I love horror in my literature, but not paranormal, people always get this “you’re off your rocker” look in their eyes. Somehow over the years, horror and paranormal have fused like Britney Spears and Crazy. People think one cannot exist without the other.

So here’s the PSA: They can. And they do. Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Misery, Rosemary’s Baby (because I don’t consider Satan “paranormal”), and to a degree I consider Wuthering Heights a type of horror. There is SO much more than what I just listed. For example I just signed a horrifying story of a girl in a relationship with a completely sociopathic boy.

Anyway, my point is: horror doesn’t have to involve mythical creatures doing scary mythical things. Go read some Grimm Brothers. That’s just straight up horror. Kids getting boiled, heads being lopped off, fattened up to be eaten. Horror. Straight horror.






ps. I do love weird Sci-fi so I’ll accept any horror in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft which most of you will read and think it’s paranormal or supernatural, but it’s weird science.

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