a word on creativity…

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”-Rita Mae Brown

Often times I find myself standing at the edge of a cliff. Arms out, eyes closed. Although I can feel the exhilaration of the decision I am about to make, there is always a bit of hesitation. But falling slowing into the ravine always turns out to be the most exciting creative act I could ever do.

Sometimes I break an arm. Sometimes I end up with a headache. Often times I realize it’s a lot of work to find a successful life for myself inside that ravine. But I always trust my instincts. And through that essential trust in myself, I find creativity in myself. And it’s my creativity that ultimately makes that jump.

I’m once again plugging Underneath The Juniper Tree because it is the embodiment of all that is creative. In addition to pushing your creative boundaries, it pushes your comfort zones. Both of these things lead to becoming a better writer. Which I assume is your goal since you are reading this post write now.

(A piece from UTJT)

Check out the NOVEMBER ISSUE and learn from all of those who have made that leap into the dark ravine of creativity.


2 thoughts on “a word on creativity…

  1. after the tumble into the ravine, I pick out the ground in bits of gravel under my skin, rinse the blood off of them and check to see if they are diamonds I can polish into a story…many times they are merely bits of gravel I can toss down the mountain and see if I can start an avalanche…the ride is always interesting!

  2. It most certainly is my goal to be a better and better writer. UTJT is without a doubt a great inspiration for me. Through I have indeed grown, writing wise and have met some of the most talented writers and authors, and artists any person would be honored to know.

    Which is why I second the plugging.


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