I’m inspired by…

The Velvet Underground.

Lowbrow art.

My clients.

Otis Redding.

Pin up girls.

Pulp comic books/fiction.

Ransom Riggs.

Science fiction.



The Royal Tenenbaums.

Spirit in the Sky.

Wuthering Heights.

Neil Gaiman.

The macabre.

Elizabeth McGrath.

Circa turn of the century dolls.

Invisible Monsters.

Refurbished frames.

Jeux D’enfants.

Cap ou pas Cap.


Deer antlers.

Kanye West.


Geoff Johns.

Lady Godiva.


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.


Anne Boleyn.

Watching others paint.

The dark.

Horror films.



Marilyn Monroe.

Chuck Palahniuk.

Commentary by Chuck Klosterman.


Haunted the novel.

The Brothers Grimm.

Elizabeth Bathory.

Pushing Daisies.

Dark red.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Musical instruments.

The male gender.

Creatures that don’t exist.

The minds of children.


My family.

The Puget Sound.

Takashi Murakami.


Old stuff.

Dark tales.


Singing with my brother.

Sunset Rubdown.

Brian Selznick.

Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Vertigo comics.

Accurate and good pop journalism.


H.P. Lovecraft.

American Horror Story.

Roller derby.

Gris Grimly.

DIY anything.



Joanna Newsom.

Stick figures.

Intelligent people/conversations.



Speaking with children.

The 50s.

Mixed media art.

Pretty and original book covers.

Installation art.

Mark Ryden.

Underneath the Juniper Tree.

Pop up books.

Blood splatter.

Cheesy comic sound effects from the Golden Age of comics.

The Industrial Revolution.

16th Century England.

Lykke Li.

Le Petit Prince.

Unusual and unique talent.

Inspiration itself.

6 thoughts on “I’m inspired by…

  1. I LOVE this list. I’m feeling a great many of these in my pool as well. I’m going to add Steve Jablonsky, the score to The Day After Tomorrow, Vic Mizzy (whom you should listen to)and of course Batman (who is always on my list).

  2. I agree with Matt. And when I noticed “dark red” up there…I smiled an epic smile. I too, am inspired by the color red-the darker the better. Crimson. Yeah. That.

    2012 is going to be amazacrazy awesome.

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