Why ‘Spirit in the Sky’ inspires me…

While listening to Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky you feel as if you should be in a smoky, shady, dark, grimy pool hall. Dancing as if in slow motion, one hand on the jukebox and the other running through your hot-mess hair. You’re in old jean cutoffs, swaying to the best guitar riff you’ve heard in ages while licking blood off your teeth. I don’t know about that last part. It just seemed fitting. 

The thing about Spirit in the Sky is that it’s one of the most simplistic, sultry, nonsensical (all of which are inspirational attributes) rock songs alive. The FUNNY thing about Spirit in the Sky is that it actually has no intended religious meaning at all. This is a case of “following-the-trends-gone-good.” There is always something oddly inspirational about irony, especially when it’s backed up with the sexiest rock music ever.

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