Witches and Necromancers!!

Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft is a contemporary supernatural thriller balanced out with a rich mix of wit, humor, romance, teenage blunders, diverse characters, and bodacious chick action!

Audrey Oliver, our seventeen-year-old snarky protagonist, discovers she’s an alchematrix—a witch who can mix together human emotions, weather, smells, and just about anything else inside her mind to create a laser-like weapon. Literally.

After her mother has left under mysterious circumstances to “help out” family members that Audrey didn’t even know existed, the lively and peculiar Sadie Slater (think Betty Page femme fatale) shows up to watch over Audrey and her younger sister, Megan. Sadie claims to be their cousin—yet another family member whom the girls have never heard of. 

In reality, Sadie is a witch herself and is well aware of the dire situation Audrey’s mother is actually in (one that Audrey is more cognizant of than Sadie knows). When Audrey inadvertently uses her powers on Sadie—powers that both of them were unaware she even possessed, suddenly the situation shifts and Sadie realizes she can’t keep everything a secret from Audrey anymore.

As Sadie slowly reveals pieces of information to Audrey regarding her mother and her powers, she also serves as Audrey’s witchy mentor. Audrey’s up against a necromancer antagonist, Cormack O’Connor, a powerful sorcerer who is creating a demon sleeper cell army that is just waiting for the go ahead to create mayhem. Unfortunately, Sadie follows her intuition which turns out to be wrong and that, combined with Audrey’s impulsivity and drive to get her mother back, leads to some comical sticky situations for Audrey as well as some very dangerous ones.

Within a night, Audrey’s khaki life spirals into a concoction of witchcraft, danger, necromancy, and a demon sleeper cell army that continues to grow. Not to mention the new boy who can’t keep away from Audrey despite all her secrecy.

Audrey must help her mother in this dark and dangerous fight, be a good older sister, a somewhat normal girlfriend, and a student of witchcraft all while dealing with the everyday pressures of teenage life.

Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft is a funny, fast-paced, magical book with deeply dark and thrilling undertones. It is similar in feel and tone to Rachel Hawkin’s Hex Hall series.

Jody Gehrman is the author of three Young Adult novels published through Penguin’s Dial imprint: Confessions of a Triple Shot BettyTriple Shot Bettys in Love, and Babe in Boyland. She has three books out through Harlequin’s Red Dress Ink imprint: Summer in the Land of SkinTart, and Notes From the Backseat. http://www.jodygehrman.com/

Praise for Gehrman:

“Gehrman’s writing is crisp, her observations astute, and her story utterly absorbing and affecting.”-Booklist

“The Triple Shot Bettys-Geena, Amber and Hero-are back, serving up frothy lattes and falling in love, but this time their relationships are heating up and about to boil over…Geena’s spunky voice will draw both returning and new readers into the girls’ tight circle, which, despite some relationship woes, manages to stay entertaining and upbeat.”-Kirkus Reviews

“Featuring the same Sonoma setting and many of the same characters as in Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty (Dial, 2008), this book comes infused with smart skater-chick-barista attitude, a plot nod to Cyrano de Bergerac, and, of course, a jolt of caffeine. Just like a cappuccino from the drive-through coffee joint where the Bettys work, this one is frothy fun.” -School Library Journal

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