There’s an Eeriness Hanging in the Air That I Don’t Like! Something’s Wrong! I Can Feel It!

Oh, I’m sorry. Did someone say ‘haunted’? ‘Horror’? My dear. How utterly terrifying!

IDW / Yoe Books’ graphic dy-maniacal duo Steve Banes and Craig Yoe have come together once more to bring us banned classics in Haunted Horrors #1 out October 10th, 2012.

We’re talking 1950s contraband horror comics. How sexy is that sentence?

Yoe/Banes are giving us a modern opportunity to be not-so-modern naughty  boys and girls who’ve stolen their older brother’s playboy and their pop’s Winstons to go smoke and read and rouse up some trouble while looking for a dead body… oh wait. Whatever, Chris Chambers totally would have read Haunted Horrors #1.

“[This] comic book series [is] filled with the best of worst vintage horror comics that will rot your mind!  Don’t dare miss the first issue of Haunted Horror from the Chilling Archives of Horror Comics fiends!” -IDW / Yoe Books

And you are SUPER lucky because I have a saucy preview for you:

From the hot mess minds of Craig Yoe (Yoe Books) and Steve Banes (The Horrors of it All)



…is sociopathic, bluebeard Henry Mason going to live happily ever after with that hot babe filled with green ooze? Or is he gonna get what’s comin’ to him? Buy Haunted Horrors #1 (10.10.12) to find out AND read tons more naughty, naughty comics.



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