Would you like to have a literary agent’s knowledge at your fingertips for two weeks?

I’ve had enough experience with writers to know that they almost always feel like this when writing their query letter:

Writers Block


Because they know that agents are like this almost every day:




You want agents fighting over your query and manuscript like it’s the freaking Ring of Mordor. If you are stuck, feel like you just can’t figure out how to write that winning query letter, think about signing up for my LitReactor.com class THE ART OF THE QUERY LETTER.

Being a literary agent myself, I know what grabs us, what immediately turns us off, what makes us laugh in good spirits and what makes us laugh in disgust. Often times, you’ll think that your clever opening will win you a manuscript request, when in reality, it’s the thing that makes us hit the “trash” button.

During the course of my class, I will help you:

  • Learn how to write an attention-grabbing query letter
  • Learn the right way to send that query out
  • Gain valuable insight on the publishing industry
  • Give you a detailed, personalized critique on your query letter
  • Help you learn research techniques for finding the right agents to query

We will talk in detail about the dos and don’ts of querying and get you ready to present your work to agents the way it was meant to be presented.

*Please keep in mind, this is an extremely hands on class. Although done online, I will be there to answer your questions every day. It’s a chance for you to have the knowledge of an industry professional at your fingertips for two weeks. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Class starts January 24th. Sign up here!


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