Navigate the difficult-to-define sea of fiction for women!

Do you write or want to write Women’s Literature? Are you struggling getting to the point where you feel great about your manuscript? Check out this fantastic new 3-week intensive online course from taught by Zoe Fishman, esteemed author and former literary agent.

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Class Description

As a genre, women’s fiction is difficult to define.

Is there a formula? Does it have to involve a compulsive shopper and martinis? Or should it revolve around some sort of ethical, vaguely gynecological quandary? Does it have to be funny? What’s the different between New Adult and Upmarket? And why can’t I say “chick lit” any more?

The truth is, while the publishing industry loves a genre within a genre within a genre, good fiction that women happen to enjoy is today, more then ever, about real struggles and characters’ attempts to overcome whatever odds are stacked against them.

Zoe Fishman, a former literary agent, and author of Balancing ActsSaving Ruth and a third novel due out in Winter 2014, will help you best determine where exactly your story falls on the current women’s fiction spectrum, argue the benefits of outlining before you begin, and work with you to balance the elusive dialogue/description ratio with lectures and personal critiques of both your synopsis and first chapter.

What This Class Covers

Week One: Synopsis to Pitch

Who/what/where/when & why in 3 succinct paragraphs or less, plus the importance of the perfect pitch.

Week Two: Outline

How to craft, edit and troubleshoot your work, so you have a clear path of where you’re headed.

Week Three: Voice

How to connect with your protagonist on a real, honest level.

* This class will also include homework assignments to help demonstrate your understanding of the lectures, as well as a critique of each student’s story synopsis and the first 10 pages of his or her work in progress.

Goals Of This Class

  • Gain an understanding of the market for women’s fiction
  • Figure out where your work fits in that spectrum
  • Learn how to set yourself up for success with an outline
  • Meet and work with other people writing in your genre
  • Get input from an author and former literary agent

Praise for Zoe Fishman

“Zoe guided me through revisions on my debut novel, and worked with me on my first seven books, which sold to publishers like Penguin and Harlequin. She has a fantastic eye and is a wonderful mentor.” —Mandy Hubbard, author and LitReactor instructor

“Anyone who has wondered, ‘Now what?’ about her life will relate to Zoe Fishman’s ebullient and wise novel Balancing Acts. The pages flew by and I was sad when my time with these great characters ended – but not too sad to try some yoga.” —Valerie Frankel, author of Thin Is the New Happy

“Zoe Fishman strikes the right balance in her warm-fuzzy debut of rekindled friendship and self-empowerment.” —Publisher’s Weekly, 11/16/09

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