My Favorite Thing Has One Name…And It’s The Ghastly Awards!

Each month, 8 horrorphiles and comic book devotees round up the best horror comics for that month and review them. It looks something like this:

Pretty cool right? Each judge is well versed in the comics world and probably even more knowledgeable when it comes to horror. At the end of the year, the Ghastly Award judges, horror comic creators, and YOU the fans get to vote on a slew of horror comic categories. The winners are chosen and that looks something like this:

We want YOU! to be a part of our every day Ghastly Experiences. And that will look something like this:

Join us on Facebook (i.e., “like” the Ghastly Awards page) and follow us on Twitter @ghastlyawards to stay in vogue with horror comics, give us feedback, and to share your own thoughts on horror comics with us!

Go forth and read horror comics! And may you never sleep peacefully again!


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