‘Savage Membrane’ by Steve Niles… SET YOUR OWN PRICE!

Remember back in 2007, when Radiohead let their fans determine the value of their new album, which could then be downloaded off their site? You could set your own price, or simply pay nothing at all.

What was odd about that experience, is that the pure artistic integrity* of that band (even though it was like, their worst album) made me want to pay more than I would have if they’d just priced it themselves.

It’s a selfless mode of sharing your artistic talents. And frankly, it’s genius.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 10.31.36 AMRecently, horror author Steve Niles (of 30 Days of Night fame) started a “set your own price” model for his novel, SAVAGE MEMBRANE. Steve says, “As long as it gets read, I am happy.” Again I say, pure artistic integrity.

I might add that this is a Cal McDonald novel, Cal being one of Niles’ most memorable characters from his comic books series Criminal Macabre. Cal is a mixture of all the greatest antiheroes. But to put it in perspective I’ll use modern references: Cal is a blend of that biker dude from the Walking Dead, Vic Mackey from The Shield, Raylan Givens from Justified, and Jax from Sons of Anarchy. Except he fights monsters…. with his monster sidekick. He’s my comic book crush.

6a0105352227a9970c0192ac92c903970d-800wiSo go download Savage Membrane. If you seriously don’t have a dime to spare, Steve still wants you to read it. But if you can, pay a few bucks. Pay 50 cents. Whatever… but I truly believe that this sort of generosity, and ::say it with me:: pure artistic integrity, should be rewarded. Even if that reward is just a free download.

So go! Go now! Do iiiiiiitttttt!


*When I say pure artistic integrity, I am referring to the idea that these artists are making art for the sake of art. Not for the fame or money, but for the art itself and for the fans to be able to enjoy the art. To me, that is pure artistic integrity.

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