#MSWL – Comprehensive List – Bree Ogden

Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden19h

@nikimcluff Haha I NEVER want Disney. EVER! :) #MSWL

Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden19h

Grimm Fairy Tales, Aesop’s Fables… I don’t want your average retelling, but something unique that has hints of the original fable. #MSWL

I also love speculative historical fiction. I’d love one with Anne Boleyn, of course. But also Marie Antoinette. She is a fave of mine #MSWL

I’ll look at any manuscript inspired by any Agatha Christie novel. #MSWL

Write me a book that gets banned! #MSWL

Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden24 Sep

I don’t want something like Anna Dressed in Blood because it’s been done and done SO well. But I love the unapologetic brutality of it #MSWL

twitter-logo-hashtag-1Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden24 Sep

If you think your manuscript could be represented by @quirkbooks, it’s most likely something I would love. #MSWL

I love novelty books. Especially pop up books. Like the Pop Up Book of Phobias! GIMME!!! #MSWL http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0688171958 …

I thing a modern YA retelling of Kafka’s Metamorphosis would rock my world. #MSWL

Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden24 Sep

I feel like I need to repeat this. TOHO MONSTERS!!! Not just Godzilla or Kumonga. The whole crew. MOTHRA! #MSWL

Heads up: the type if graphic novel art I lean towards: @Templesmith @menton3 @Chris_Mitten @juaneferreyra @RahsanEkedal @Helmetgirl #MSWL

I want a mash up of comics and prose in the same book to give the story line a unique element. Like Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys #MSWL

Remember that movie SAVED? Oh man. Write me that! #MSWL

ART BOOKS! You must have a strong artist platform like @Helmetgirl or @CRAOLA. #MSWL

A high school newspaper staff that outs a really big school scandal & the price they have to pay for it. Okay that was crazy specific. #MSWL

Dark, historical graphic novels. Hiroshima specifically. Must be completely accurate. Almost educational. #MSWL

My client @jodygehrman‘s new book Audrey’s Guide to Black Magic… That’s the type if fantasy I’d rep. #shamelessplug #stilltrue #MSWL

Two freakin words. #toho monsters! #MSWL

Still want an ms where the MC loses periods of time in memory or has mental episodes due to traumatic experience. See: The Ruining. #mswl

I want an ms where the character attributes aren’t black any white. Should you love or hate them? Antihero stuff, i.e., #BreakingBad #MSWL

Sociopaths in YA. I LOVE SOCIOPATHS! (Not in real life though, that’s scary.) #MSWL

@ktwriter2012 contemp and very dark. Or historical. But no magical realism. #MSWL

And sadly, I still haven’t seen the perfect #AmericanMary-esque, horror extreme body modification ms. #mswl

The sort of romance story that is like, “I can’t live with you, can’t live without you.” #MSWL

“Come on and kill me baby, While you smile like a friend. And I’ll come running, Just to do it again.” I want a messed up romance. #MSWL

I’d love a literary NA about a bridge & tunnel girl putting herself thru med school or something expensive like that-a touching story. #MSWL

It’s not that I want dark mss, it’s that I want weird mss. Not cooky weird but horror weird. Something @CarolrhodaLab would put out. #MSWL

Speaking of Knights of Badassdom. I still want that LARPing gone horribly wrong story. http://youtu.be/zyougFDZ7zU  #MSWL

I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN MY SUCCUBUS STORY!!! Think Jennifer’s Body or Knights of Badassdom. #MSWL

If you’re gonna query someone at D4EO with a regency romance make sure it’s @MandyHubbard and not me! #MSWL :)

yes, I’m always looking for macabre or spooky PBs #MSWL

There’s a film called EAT. Which isn’t the greatest film-wise. BUT if someone could capture that in novel form…#MSWL

Adult nonfiction pop culture analysis/satire in the vein of @CKlosterman. Must have published articles in major publications. #MSWL

Always looking for great transgressive fiction like what @chuckpalahniuk or @IrvineWelsh write. #MSWL

Horror anthology for children w/truly terrifying art in vein of Schwartz/Gammell’s Scary Stories. #MSWL (must have completed art samples)

YA noir. And I don’t mean just crime fiction, I mean noir. It’s a distinct style. I’d love to see it in YA. #MSWL

Hey you guys…I still want a psychosexual horror novelization of the board game CLUE. Dying for it. #MSWL

Today’s the worst day to be tweeting #mswl stuff but whatev: I really want some creepy doctor shit. Messed up doctors doing messed up stuff.

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