#31 Days of Halloween – Week Two WINNER!

Congratulations to Bevin Thomas!

Read the delicious entry below and you’ll know why this one stood out as the winner. There are so many unique and crazy ideas here, I absolutely fell in love with Bevin’s creation!

The true bringer of life seeks not to simply create a single being but a whole ecology. As even a single creature is so expensive and time-consuming to produce, many pioneering scientists have sought to develop a creature that propagates quickly and easily, perhaps even asexually. Hence the creation of something colorfully titled “Mater Monstrum” (“Mother Monster”). This hermaphroditic being is a woman and man fused back-to-back and whose legs and pelvises have been so melded and entwined together that they resemble a single huge serpent’s tail. Not surprisingly, this being was the inspiration for Echidne of Grecian mythology, a fecund serpentine being who birthed a whole pantheon of monsters.

Reduced to utter savagery, the mater monstrum is only concerned with the most basic of drives: eat, give birth, protect and feed its young. It is ravenous for meat, especially human flesh, and is constantly pregnant, automatically giving birth every six months. Each spawn is a new monstrosity, different from its kin. Various mater monstrum have produced three-headed humans, six-legged wolves, piranhas with wings and baboon feet, crocodiles with the heads of fanged goats and the tails of scorpions, and anything else that could be imagined in nightmares.

Creating a Mater Monstrum

1. Unearth the corpses of a man and a woman.

2. Drain the corpses of all blood.

3. Carefully open up their backs to connect their brains and spinal cords, then sew the two beings together. For details, refer to my treatise “The Joining of Two Selves.”

4. Apply the diluted alchemical solvent described in my treatise “Flesh to Clay” to the pelvises and legs of both corpses to make those body parts temporarily malleable.

5. Gently meld the lower parts of both beings together to produce a single serpentine mass with a single hermaphroditic reproductive system. Remember, make sure to leave enough room for the birth canal. As before, please refer to my “Joining of Two Selves” for details.

6. Now that the mater monstrum’s physical body has been constructed, pump in its new blood: a mixture of mercury, salt, and sulfur along with the blood and venom extracted from five vipers.

7. The whole body must be galvanized by intense electrical force.

8. If you’re lucky, the creature will shriek and come alive; you’ll have your own personal monster factory! If not, all you have is a charred corpse. Well, perseverance is the soul of science!

*Bevin please email me your address at bree@d4eo.com so that I can mail you your book!

You should all be very proud of your entries! What a delight for me to read.


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