#31DaysofHalloween Haiku Contest – WINNERS!!!

Loved these!!!! Everyone should take a moment to read through these. They are way too fun!

But alas, I must choose three winners. And here they are!

1.) The Cutest Haiku

Congratulations to DONNA WELCH EARNHARDT!

Creatures of the night
Boogie ‘til the break of dawn
Midnight Mousequerade 

2.) The Scariest Haiku

Congratulations to CARA REINARD!

Blood drips from her knife
Even good girls can break bad
On Halloween night

3.) Most Creative Haiku

Congratulations to LYRA APPLEBAUM!

Skip the dentist’s house
Beware not the toothbrushes
But the razor blades


Thank you to all who participated! You ghouls are positively nightmarish! 

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