D.M. Cunningham has gone MISSING! Or, in my opinion has been kidnapped–Halloween Tree Chapter 19

I’ve received a very important and seemingingly dire email from The Creepings of Creeping Hills. D.M. Cunningham has gone missing. (Although I’m not too sure how much I trust the Creepings of Creeping Hills. They are a diabolical bunch.) However, they have found the last known footage of D.M.:

I’ve been asked by the Creepings to post he Halloween Tree animated series, which I think is a brilliant idea. In this animated video, you will see a more cohesive version of what we have been reading over the last 19 days. I hope you take some time this lovely Halloween and enjoy this classic book by the legendary dreamer, Ray Bradbury.

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have enjoyed our crazy Halloween Tree readings, as well as agentbree.worpress.com’s month long Halloween extravaganza! It’s been a blast for all of us to bring this story to life in a somewhat unconventional form.

Go be deliciously evil and spontaneous tonight!

I love you all! Thank you for participating in this very special month!

Thriller! Halloween Tree Ch. 18…HC STILL hasn’t gotten his girl outta there!!

You know, at first I’m thinking, “Wow, this HC guy is a really selfish boyfriend. Forcing his hot model girlfriend to stay at a scary movie. Even the Late MJ left the movie for his girlfriend.” And If I remember correctly, MJ was IN the movie. But then I saw the end of the reading, and realized HC’s not so bad at all. And it appears her date with HC is going to end better than her date with MJ…


Inside the killer, thriller Chapter 14 of The Halloween Tree

Hahahaha. I just snorted. Noel. Knocks. It. Out. Of. The. Park.

Get ready for some awesome AWESOME Thriller night reading. No one can save you from this beast about to strike. Let HC Noel thrill ya. (Nice jacket by the way, Noel. You’re the hottest bald, goateed, mustached, white MJ ever!)

The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four

I believe a very wise young woman once said about HC Noel that he is the “Prince of paranormal comics, the Master of pop culture references, and the Lord of the Tim Burton and Ed Wood Homage Manner.” Now that very wise young woman can add “Overlord of Pipe Smoking Vincent Price-ville” to the list.

Here he is, HC Noel. Reading The Halloween Tree, Chapter Four:

(And yea, that wise chick is me.)


Lock your doors and turn off the lights…

Tomorrow, starts the ZomBreePod experimental readings of legendary author Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree.

For 19 days in a row, This literary life will feature a chapter a day, each read in a style chosen by each individual reader.

Be sure to stop by AgentBree.Wordpress.com daily to get your dose of Bradbury, Moundshroud, and all the fun Halloween ruckus involved in this magnificent children’s book.

Great Halloween blogs and events!

Be sure to check out these awesome sites and keep up with them all month long!

One of my favorites! kinderscares.blogspot.com is always there for our spooky literary needs. I love their tagline: “Literature for mini monster-lovers and future horror fiends!” Check out their Halloween photo contest running all month long – you can see the post here: http://www.kinderscares.com/2010/09/kinderscares-halloween-kids-photo.html

Also, over at http://shellhawksnest.blogspot.com, they will have horror- and Halloween-related posts all month, as well as guest blogs from some of the best-known bloggers in the Halloween community. It’s an awesomely creepy site. Hop on over and check it out.

And YOU KNOW my client D.M. over at Literary Asylum will be doing creepy stuff all month because it’s just in his nature. Starting with his post today interviewing Kevin Bolger, author of Zombiekins. So be sure to keep an eye on Literary Asylum.

Also, HC Noel is always blogging about crazy paranormal stuff so in addition to checking out his weekly Tara Normal web comic, make sure to read his crazy posts as well!

*If any of you are doing anything exciting for the month of October on your blog, please leave a comment telling us about it!!

Don’t forget to enter our zombie writing contest right here on agentbree.wordpress.com!

And the winner of the Tara Normal original is…

Ellen Erickson!

Proud new owner of an HC NOEL original.

The winning answer:

It took me awhile to embrace my penchant for the macabre and unusual. I’m well into my fifties according to the calendar but not according to me. I’ve watched every episode from beginning to end of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and have graduated to True Blood. I make sure my DVR records Ghost Hunters and while I’m new to Tara Normal I just had to subscribe to Paranormal magazine so I could follow along. Keep up the extraordinary work you do. Great stuff.

Ellen, email me your address and I will forward it along to HC!


Operation Hot VLOGGER! Ending August with a BANG

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This month’s Operation Hot Blogger Vlogger is so lip-smacking good you won’t believe your skull. This is the way we like to end our summer…with some good old graphic novel action, loud music, kick butt chicks, HC Noel, and OH YEAH…a CONTEST!

Watch the vlog.

Contest time!!

Given my previous blog post about paranormal vs. supernatural, it’s pretty safe to say that Tara and HC love everything parasupernormalnatural. What is YOUR favorite paranormal, supernatural, parasupernormalnatural book, movie, show, or element and why?

HC will be judging to see which one of you creepsters has the best answer (embrace subjectivity!) And as he mentioned in the Vlog, you will win an original HC Noel caricature of Tara Normal, the exact one from this month’s edition of Operation Hot Vlogger.

You will have until Sept. 8th to get your delicious answers submitted in the comments section. Have fun!