Operation Wonder Woman 15.0

Tonight, I felt utterly attacked for reading comic books. I was simply remarking how I found it odd that Thor and Captain America were being released around the same time when someone in the room said, “Does anyone here actually reeeead comic books?” To which I tried to give my dirtiest look, but I’m pretty sure it went unnoticed. And I was holding back my valliest of all valley girl eeeewww’s

So for comic bookers all across the multiverse, for those of you who have had your intelligence doubted because of your need for a rousing superhero/villain standoff, for those of you who have been dubbed nerd, geek, loser…whatever. For those of you who dress up for any Comic-Con you can get your hands on, and for those of you who are familiar with Batman OUTSIDE of Christopher Nolan films, this is for you.


Operation ZOMBIE Wonder Woman 14.0


Whatever will she wield her Lasso of Truth with?

Art by D.M. Cunningham

This reminds me a little of the movie Braindead/Dead Alive, a little of the Marvel Zombie series, and a little George Romero.

I love my multitalented clients.