Horror and Comics!

Comic and Horror lovers!!! Listen up!!!

There is this book called IN THE DARK. It’s a comic horror anthology. It’s brilliant and I do not say that lightly. You may notice it’s out through IDW, but it was originally a Kickstarter by the phenomenally talented Rachel Autumn Deering. A rising horror star in the comics community. Rachel put together this magnificent anthology with talent such as Steve Niles, Batman’s Scott Snyder, the brilliant Paul Tobin, Tim Seeley, Ed Brisson, Duane Swierczynski and so many more. This is a massive work of horror art and you’d be ridiculous not to get your hands on it.


You can buy it online, sure. But you can also contact Rachel and buy directly from her. Which is what I highly recommend. Because this was a Kickstarter, she has a ton of copies. Running a successful Kickstarter campaign is not all fun and flowers. It’s extremely difficult and the cost on the creator is insane. If you’re going to order this book (which, have I mentioned already that you REALLY SHOULD?), order it directly from Rachel (drop her a message on FB: https://www.facebook.com/theironrachel).

Support artists who are taking chances, being bold, thinking outside of the box, and making a difference in the pulling industry.

Check out Bloody Disgusting’s 5 Skull review here! http://bloody-disgusting.com/reviews/3292704/5-skull-review-dark-horror-anthology/

Hallowe’en Extravaganza!


We only have to wait a week now! Next week I will post the first contest. Get ready for some crazy halloween fun!


Yea. So what if I start preparing for Hallowe’en in August. I still have a bride and groom skeleton set hanging from my window from last year. In my world, everyday is Hallowe’en.

We won’t start any of the festivities until Oct. 1st (whimper heard around the world). But I wanted everyone to be aware that there WILL be festivities. I had to take last year off, but I’ll more than make up for it this year!

I already have some amazing books from extremely generous publishers like Little, Brown, Walker, Quirk Books, and Abrams, lined up for giveaways. Ghosts, skeletons, murderers, maniacs, and good old spooky fun haunt these pages.

There will be contests to win books. And they are difficult contests. They involve writing, and reminiscing, maybe some old Hallowe’en pictures?! There will be plenty of books, thus plenty of creepy contests.

Get ready…


Wait a month and a half…

a word on creativity…

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.”-Rita Mae Brown

Often times I find myself standing at the edge of a cliff. Arms out, eyes closed. Although I can feel the exhilaration of the decision I am about to make, there is always a bit of hesitation. But falling slowing into the ravine always turns out to be the most exciting creative act I could ever do.

Sometimes I break an arm. Sometimes I end up with a headache. Often times I realize it’s a lot of work to find a successful life for myself inside that ravine. But I always trust my instincts. And through that essential trust in myself, I find creativity in myself. And it’s my creativity that ultimately makes that jump.

I’m once again plugging Underneath The Juniper Tree because it is the embodiment of all that is creative. In addition to pushing your creative boundaries, it pushes your comfort zones. Both of these things lead to becoming a better writer. Which I assume is your goal since you are reading this post write now.

(A piece from UTJT)

Check out the NOVEMBER ISSUE and learn from all of those who have made that leap into the dark ravine of creativity.


Beware of Clarisse Honkle

I have an awesome set of nieces and nephews. When I asked if any of them would like to write a scary short story for my blog, two of my nieces, Cassidy and Dakota, both got right to it! Both of them are such talented, intelligent girls and I am so lucky to get their talent exclusively for my blog!

First up: My 12-year-old niece, Cassidy. She is quite the writer (also, quite the volleyball player, she just made the traveling Vball team!)

ANYWAY, knowing my girl’s propensity for writing and knowing how talented she is, I knew her story would be just as spooky as I expected it to be. This busy little girl also just finished a book she has been writing called Myth. She is a nonstop achiever.

Without any more babble from me…please tap your keys for Cassidy Ogden and her short story:


Clarisse Honkle


That was it. But that tombstone somehow meant a great deal to George, although he had no idea why.

George was lonely without a family. One night the man woke. He jumped when he saw a small girl standing timidly in the doorway. As she walked closer to him he saw that she was missing an arm, was covered in scrapes, and limped when she walked. She stopped at the foot of his bed. In a hushed voice she spoke. “Help. please.” George asked who she was but she interrupted him screaming, “Make it stop!!” She went as still as a statue and stayed there, watching him all night. He woke in the morning and the girl was gone.

That night he fell asleep fast, still exhausted from the night before. But once again he woke. Sure enough he looked up to find the girl staring at him. The girl would repeat the words “Help. Please.” And if he tried to talk to her she would scream at him.

Until one night she let him speak. “Who are you?” he asked. “Clarisse Honkle,” she replied. George’s mouth fell open. The tombstone.

She yelled harder when he tried to ask her more questions. “Leave me alone George! You were supposed to forget!” she shrieked.

As the nights passed, occasionally Clarisse would answer questions for George. After several months George had gathered some useful information. Clarisse was being stalked by a man. She was an orphan. The stalker was after money her parents left to her. Her stalker kid-napped her and threw her in his car. They crashed. Her body was found missing an arm. Her captor had amnesia from hitting his head and he didn’t remember her.

One night, George crawled into bed for the last time. After falling asleep, he woke once again. He heard her voice say “Hi, George.” He looked up. “George, I never got my revenge on my stalker. Don’t worry, you won’t remember anything, you have amnesia, remember? Of course you don’t.” George never woke again.

Now you must remember when you get in the driver’s seat, always say Honkle three times to give Clarisse the respect she never received when she was alive and to insure that you will not be her next victim. Who knows, you could have had amnesia like George.

Great Halloween blogs and events!

Be sure to check out these awesome sites and keep up with them all month long!

One of my favorites! kinderscares.blogspot.com is always there for our spooky literary needs. I love their tagline: “Literature for mini monster-lovers and future horror fiends!” Check out their Halloween photo contest running all month long – you can see the post here: http://www.kinderscares.com/2010/09/kinderscares-halloween-kids-photo.html

Also, over at http://shellhawksnest.blogspot.com, they will have horror- and Halloween-related posts all month, as well as guest blogs from some of the best-known bloggers in the Halloween community. It’s an awesomely creepy site. Hop on over and check it out.

And YOU KNOW my client D.M. over at Literary Asylum will be doing creepy stuff all month because it’s just in his nature. Starting with his post today interviewing Kevin Bolger, author of Zombiekins. So be sure to keep an eye on Literary Asylum.

Also, HC Noel is always blogging about crazy paranormal stuff so in addition to checking out his weekly Tara Normal web comic, make sure to read his crazy posts as well!

*If any of you are doing anything exciting for the month of October on your blog, please leave a comment telling us about it!!

Don’t forget to enter our zombie writing contest right here on agentbree.wordpress.com!

Operation Hot VLOGGER! Ending August with a BANG

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This month’s Operation Hot Blogger Vlogger is so lip-smacking good you won’t believe your skull. This is the way we like to end our summer…with some good old graphic novel action, loud music, kick butt chicks, HC Noel, and OH YEAH…a CONTEST!

Watch the vlog.

Contest time!!

Given my previous blog post about paranormal vs. supernatural, it’s pretty safe to say that Tara and HC love everything parasupernormalnatural. What is YOUR favorite paranormal, supernatural, parasupernormalnatural book, movie, show, or element and why?

HC will be judging to see which one of you creepsters has the best answer (embrace subjectivity!) And as he mentioned in the Vlog, you will win an original HC Noel caricature of Tara Normal, the exact one from this month’s edition of Operation Hot Vlogger.

You will have until Sept. 8th to get your delicious answers submitted in the comments section. Have fun!

Brass Tacks: Supernatural vs Paranormal; Vampire vs Zombie

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Two things happened to me recently that turned my world a little on its side: 1) writers at a writer’s conference asked me what I was looking for in YA and I said ‘no more paranormal.’ But then they asked me if I liked zombies and I said I LOVED zombies. They all laughed at me ironically. 2) I had a conversation with someone in which I made the statement: I do not like paranormal, but I love supernatural. I pretty much stopped myself short, realizing mid-word (and remembering the writer’s conference) that I actually had no idea what the difference is between the two words.

We both immediately whipped out our iPhones:

So yea… thanks for nothing, dictionary.

Friends and readers, lovers and haters: We have a mission to complete. What IS what?!

Let’s start with prefixes.

Para: beyond …beyond normal.

Super: above; over; beyond above natural; over natural; beyond natural

So again, thanks for nothing, prefixes. BUT WAAIT! Prefix be damned! It’s the stem that matters in this case. Am I totally right, or what?!

Normal: usual; typical; standard

Natural: existing in, or caused by nature

We have had it wrong this WHOLE time. Twilight is not paranormal YA romance. Twilight is supernatural YA romance. Vampires, as far as we know at this moment, do not exist in nature. They are supernatural.

Zombies however do exist in nature. Zombies in Voodoo, Haitian zombies…those zombie ants I read about the other day! They exist, maybe not George R. style, but zombies are much more eligible to exist in nature and are therefore beyond typical: paranormal.

Brass tacks: Vampires are beyond existing in nature (supernatural) and zombies are beyond typical (paranormal).

If you are still reading, I have four words for you: You’re a Champ, Matt.


Next up: We figure out where ghosts fit in this whole crazy semantic mess. Then robots.