HC & Tara Normal Rock NYC Comic Con!

I’m a proud little agent today. I got a bunch of texts during church from my client, HC Noel, rockin it fo’ reals at NYC Comic Con. He sold out his Ghost Pirate T-shirts and pimped Tara like the wicked awesome pimp that he is.


And the winner of the Tara Normal original is…

Ellen Erickson!

Proud new owner of an HC NOEL original.

The winning answer:

It took me awhile to embrace my penchant for the macabre and unusual. I’m well into my fifties according to the calendar but not according to me. I’ve watched every episode from beginning to end of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer and have graduated to True Blood. I make sure my DVR records Ghost Hunters and while I’m new to Tara Normal I just had to subscribe to Paranormal magazine so I could follow along. Keep up the extraordinary work you do. Great stuff.

Ellen, email me your address and I will forward it along to HC!