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  1. Hey Bree, My name’s David. I just joined LitReactor, and I’m rally interested in taking your class, I just don’t think I can this time around. Do you think you will be teaching that class again in the future? I know a lot of good artist, and the project I’m working on currently would translate into a graphic novel well, but this project is in its infancy. I’d be interested in taking your class once my project has developed a bit more. So do you think you’ll do it again!?

    Please say yes,

    • I’m not sure about another class. However, this class is an intro class and is meant to be taken when you’re just starting you graphic novel, or even when you just have a concept. You sound like you’re in a perfect place for the class.

      • Hey Bree, i ran across your info while doing keyword searches for writing graphic novels. I searched a few “how to” books on amazon… Anywho, can’t afford the class price right now. But I have bookmarked your info to circle back when I do have the resources.. Thanks

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