Sampling of Sales

New Adult Romance/Thriller: Tonya Ivey’s STEPBROTHER: THE GAME HE PLAYED, in which after visiting her estranged mother at a ski resort over college break, a young woman finds herself trapped between her two new step brothers in a deadly web of romance, infidelity, and fatal attraction, to Meredith Rich at Bloomsbury Spark, for publication in Fall 2015.

Young Adult Contemporary: Brianna Shrum’s HOW TO MAKE OUT, a teen starts an anonymous How-To blog and promises to become an expert on everything she writes about, even after the blog and her life begin to spin out of control, forcing her to decide if her glamorous new life is worth giving up everything (and everyone) in her old one, to Nicole Frail at Sky Pony Press, for publication in Fall 2016.

NewYorkedAdult Noir: Rob Hart’s debut NEW YORKED, about a man self-described as a “blunt instrument” who wakes up to find that the woman he loves has been murdered, and must cut through the city’s underworld to find her killer while confronting his own family history of violence, along with a sequel, CITY OF ROSE, to Jason Pinter at Polis, for publication in Summer 2015.


annehenryYoung Adult Contemporary: Dawn Ius’s ANNE & HENRY, a contemporary retelling of the torrid romance between King Henry the VIII and Anne Boleyn, in which Henry is a wealthy, popular teen destined for political greatness, and Anne is the manic pixie dream girl who ensnares him and threatens to destroy the life he’s worked so hard to build, to Sara Sargent at Simon Pulse, in a two-book deal, for publication in Fall 2015. (Co-agented with D4Eo’s Mandy Hubbard)


24517738Young Adult Contemporary: Brianna Shrum’s NEVER NEVER, a retelling that starts when James Hook, the boy who only wanted to grow up, meets Peter Pan, the only boy who didn’t, and follows their journey from innocent friends to the fiercest rivals in all of Neverland, to Danielle Ellison and Patricia Riley at Spencer Hill Press for publication in 2015.


91RdIQMlXgL._SL1500_Erotica: Jody Gehrman’s BOMBSHELL, in which a sexy but insecure copywriter decides to boost her ego with one night of anonymous fantasy play, only to find out after the fact that Mr. Fantasy is her Mr. CEO, to Dana Hamilton at Harlequin Cosmo Red Hot Reads.



51Q8OmcYsjL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Middle Grade: D.M. Cunningham’s NILES WORMART, following a science genius who is thrust into a world he only thought existed in comic books, he must discover his true potential inside the walls of Camp Mayhem-the potential to become the darkest of evils or stay true to his good-hearted roots, to Trisha Wooldridge at Spencer Hill Press, for publication in September 2014.


Carrier New Adult Speculative Fiction: Anne Tibbets’s CARRIER and its sequel WALLED, in which a sex slave, thrown out on the street once she becomes pregnant, must find a replacement or fight with the resistance, to Rhonda Helms at Carina Press.





Brooklyn Skye’s THE FRAGILE LINE, a teenage girl’s journey to a proper diagnosis of dissociative identity disorder, a disorder that has all but ruined her relationship with her family, boyfriend, and friends is the least of her problems when her alter is looking to take over her life… for good, to Alycia Tornetta at Entangled Teen.

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