#MSWL on Twitter on my blog on this Internet

twitter-logo-hashtagHer are my #MSWL (manuscript wish list) tweets. I figure, tweets have a shelf life, so why not put them in one blog post where one may access them more easily and more efficiently.

  1. I want something like The Resurrectionist (@quirkbooks). PLEASE! PLEEeeeeaaaase? I rep art books and I rep weird books. Combine them! #MSWL

  2. I want the majority of my female literature characters to be like Mary Mason of #AmericanMary. @twisted_twins #MSWL

  3. I want an LBGTQ graphic novel like Fun Home in style but like American Splendor or High Fidelity in tone. #MSWL

  4. I love prose mixed with comics. #MSWL

  5. Macabre for babies! #MSWL

  6. But NOT like amnesia. More of a PTSD loss of very specific period(s) in time. It’s different than the MC losing their memory. #MSWL

  7. I love books like Lindsey Lost, Pushing the Limits or The Ruining where the MC has a mental episode that leads to a loss in their time #MSWL

  8. I’m really obsessed with extreme body modification and its underground culture. I’d love to see that explored in YA or NA #MSWL

  9. …really anything with a modern day succubus. Again, of the Jennifer’s Body variety. #MSWL

  10. For that matter, I’d take any story about LARPing gone wrong or rituals gone wrong (Jennifer’s Body). Hot girls/stupid guys. #MSWL

  11. I would represent a story like THE KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM in any form. Adult, NA, YA, MG, and possibly most important, graphic novel. #MSWL

  12. I’m actively looking for new adult right now. Some sexiness. But not of the erotica kind. #MSWL

  13. I’d really like something along the lines of AMC’s The Killing. But with younger detectives. #MSWL

  14. I want Anne Boleyn! More Alison Weir. Less Philippa Gregory. #MSWL

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