7 thoughts on “Operation Query Critique: A Good Egg.

  1. This is so helpful, Bree. So then, you are open to being queried with a ms under consideration from a couple of agents, as long as you are aware of the fact? I have a referral from one of your clients, and feel like Kate did, you’re at the top of my list and I haven’t queried yet because of the exclusive policy.

    • You should query me because if I am interested enough in a query, I’ll ask for it regardless. But yes, I need to know upfront if it is out to other agents. I might end up fighting another agent for the manuscript! To the death! Gladiator style!

  2. Thanks for posting the query and critiquing it. Examples are so helpful. I hope you’ll post more as you get good/bad ones that the author is willing to have posted. And thanks for posting the answer to my word count question so quickly. I’m happy my manuscript is almost 10,000 words less than the maximum.

  3. I appreciate knowing what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes it feels like we send stuff out into a void and having that guidance goes a long way!

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