I want to be scared. I want zombies.

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I’m sad.

Zombies are going (have gone?) the way of vampires.


Turned into laughable jokes or fun feisty flesh eaters for books and movies alike.

Gone are the days when my favorite undeads were revered, feared, & only lovable by the truly insane. It’s all over. There are, of course, a few people I deem responsible for the loss of the Age of Zombie Innocence, ie. the classic zombie—but I will not name names.

I’ll keep it classy.

So here is my plea: I want a zombie manuscript. Not a funny one. Not a witty one. No spoofs. No romance. I want a zombie manuscript so visually and verbally terrifying it will send George Romero and Danny Boyle under the covers. Shivering, holding on to each other for their dear lives…

Consider this my virtual HELP WANTED sign.

If you’re not sure if your manuscript falls under YA…send it anyway. I am craving some zombie action!

4 thoughts on “I want to be scared. I want zombies.

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  2. I was just wondering, are you still looking for a true horror zombie book, or have you found one since this post?

  3. I have a movie script that I wrote in 2006 and finally finished in 2012 and I’m considering re-writing this into a novel. The story begins in 1968 with Macv-sog commandos on a special mission (historically verifiable) during the Vietnam war that results in a Zombie Apocalypse in 2012. I haven’t gotten around to really shopping the script yet. I’m in Canada

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